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Air conditioners save us from the intense heat of a Tallahassee summer season! Can you imagine your home without one? Neither can we. High Quality Heating & Air Company is your best choice for Tallahassee air conditioner service, AC repair and equipment replacements.

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

If you walk outside and look at any air conditioner, you’ll notice that there is no ducting running from the unit. That means an air conditioner is not producing cold air right? So then what’s happening? An air conditioner’s primary job is to compress a gas called refrigerant. When compressed, the refrigerant condenses down to a chilled liquid, and the heat energy that was in the gas is dissipated into the outside air.┬áNext, the chilled fluid is pumped inside to the indoor coil. Warm air from the home is forced through the chilled coil, and the refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air. The gas is pumped back out to the air conditioner, and the process repeats until your home is comfortable!

Air Conditioner Efficiency

Air conditioners are rated with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. However, air conditioning efficiency is affected by much more than just a SEER rating. Your indoor equipment, ducting and insulation all play a huge role in how much you spend on those summer utility bills.

Thanks for your interest in High Quality Heating and Air. We’re a trusted, local Tallahassee air conditioner service┬ácompany offering AC repair, installation and maintenance service.

Tallahassee Air Conditioners
We offer many options for home air conditioning solutions. Below are a few of the models with their detailed specs:
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