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The typical heating and air conditioning system you’ll find in most Tallahassee homes is called a split system. Why? Because part of the equipment is located outside, and part of the equipment is located inside the home. This works fine for most installations, however sometimes indoor space constraints or home design make the indoor equipment not practical. For these scenarios either ductless or packaged systems are the way to go for indoor comfort.

A packaged heating and air conditioning system locates all equipment outside the home, in a single footprint installation. It still uses the same method of air delivery (ducting), but doesn’t require indoor equipment.

You might be wondering why anyone would have indoor equipment if packaged systems exist. Great question! The reason is that a split system lasts longer and is more efficient than a packaged unit. So when possible, a split system will cost you less and last longer.

We’re a Tallahassee HVAC contractor offering repair, equipment replacement and new installation services. Call us today for a free estimate or to schedule service. We offer air conditioner repair for any make and model of split, ductless and packaged system. We’re ready to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control!

Tallahassee Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning
We're proud to offer Trane packaged systems. There are many models to meet specific needs. Here are just a few...
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