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Whether it’s the middle of the winter or summer, a heat pump problem is a big deal. We’re a Tallahassee heat pump repair company known for our experience, integrity and competitive pricing. Don’t sweat in the heat or shiver in the night — Any problem you face that’s related to indoor comfort is something we … Continued

Everyone knows what air conditioners do right? They cool your home during our hot and humid summer days. So should you use an air conditioner or heat pump? Are you scratching your head? We know, the term doesn’t make that much sense, unless you know a little more about heating and air conditioning. We’re a … Continued

Most everyone knows what an air conditioner and furnace are, or at least what they do in a general sense. Many however are a little stumped at the purpose of a heat pump. So what do they do? How A Heat Pump Works Heat pumps are all electric devices that can both cool and heat … Continued

Heat Pumps

October 30, 2014

A heat pump looks just like an air conditioner, and actually functions like one to. So what’s the difference? A heat pump can also heat your home. Heat pumps are all electric, and provide heat by reversing the cooling process. Sound confusing? Keep reading… Your home is kept comfortable by moving heat energy. In the … Continued