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Tallahassee AC Service

Tallahassee AC Service Special

Life in Florida simply isn’t possible without a reliable air conditioning system! We’re experts at anything related to keeping you cool, and provide Tallahassee AC service that includes repair, tune-ups and replacements. We also custom design systems for new construction, and our design and installation work is second to none!

Accurate AC Repair

What do we mean by “accurate” air conditioning repair? We mean that when you call us out for Tallahassee AC service, we properly diagnose what’s going on. You see, heating and air conditioning systems can have a lot of problems, but they share very similar symptoms. All too often homeowners fork over the money for a new air conditioner, only to discover (or never be told) that an entire new unit wasn’t really the fix to the problem. These mistakes are costly. High Quality has the industry experience required to figure out what’s really going on so you’re only paying for what you need. Call us today for AC repair done right!

A System Designed for YOU

Heating and air conditioning systems are not like other appliances where you decide on a brand and model and then plug them in. An indoor comfort system must be designed around the specific requirements of your home, not to mention your comfort, efficiency and budgetary goals. Plus, improper design and installation ends up affecting performance, efficiency and equipment longevity. When you call High Quality for your Tallahassee AC service needs, you’re receiving the right advice, and a system designed around you. We protect your valuable time and money, and we’re here ongoing to maintain and support your new system.

“..I was considering replacement of my unit but it was not needed at the time. I felt comfortable with my service because there was no high pressure sales pitch. Over the past year I have noticed that my power usage was going up and my unit was not cooling or heating as well as it had in the past. I called them back out to give me a price to change out the unit and when they gave me the price it was very reasonable. I had the new unit installed and have recently noticed that my power usage is not nearly as high as it had been AND my house now cools and heats better. I just want to let everybody know you will be in good hands with High Quality Heating and Air. They definitely do high quality work.” — Delbert Cruit

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Tallahassee AC Service
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Seasonal Tune-Ups

Seasonal Tune-Ups

Wanna stay cool for less? Consider seasonal maintenance. Manufacturers recommend it, and your utility bills will benefit from it. Your air conditioning system has quite the workload through our hot and humid summer season, and it needs to stay clean or else it will work harder to keep your home cool. Working harder means more energy used and shortened equipment life. We offer cost effective seasonal maintenance for any make and model of gas and electric equipment. We’re a Tallahassee AC repair and service company you can rely on for honest advice and work done right. Call us today at 850-893-1021 and take the next step to better home comfort!

Tallahassee AC Service
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