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Tallahassee Air Conditioner Repair

Tallahassee Air Conditioner Repair Special

Name one thing you can’t live without during our summer season, and it’s the AC! Can you imagine home without a working, reliable air conditioning system? I think a lot of us would simply move up North, or out to the West Coast! But the great news is that no moves are needed, because reliable air conditioning is a reality! We’re a Tallahassee air conditioner repair company who keeps homes cool all over the city.

AC Repair Done Right

Cooling problems can vary greatly, but they often share very similar symptoms…like, the house is hot. Inexperienced technicians can sometimes make the wrong call on a repair job, and that costs money. We’ve even seen homeowners pay for a brand new air conditioner or heat pump that wasn’t needed, but a technician gave them the wrong advice. With High Quality, this doesn’t happen. When you have a Tallahassee air conditioner repair need, and you have us come for service, your time and money are protected. We accurately diagnose issues, and fix what really needs fixing, the right way!

Seasonal Tune-Ups Matter

If the idea of calling anyone for Tallahassee air conditioner repair doesn’t sound fun, then we have a great idea: Seasonal maintenance on your system. You see, a well maintained system is going to have fewer problems. If you let your system go without maintenance, over time sludge and dirt build up, and the equipment has to work harder to meet cooling demands. This shortens equipment life and raises utility bills. Let us help protect your investment!

“Awesome job! The guys performed a methodical and `clean as you go` removal of the old unit and duct-work. Everything was picked-up and hauled off even before installation of the new duct-work began. After that, the new unit was installed on a new pad, new vents and a new return were also installed, all for a fair price. A very professional High Quality job By Marty and his crew. Thanks guys!” — Diane Peterson

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Tallahassee Air Conditioner Repair
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Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Splits

Have you ever sat in an office or addition with a noisy window air conditioner or floor unit? The racket almost makes the comfort not worth it. Well guess what? Those days are over! A ductless air conditioning system brings the quiet, efficient comfort of a full sized system to areas without ducting. A single ductless air conditioner can power multiple indoor air handlers, making ductless a viable option for not just single room scenarios. We’re a leading Tallahassee ductless company, and we install the finest equipment in the industry.

Tallahassee Air Conditioner Repair
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