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Stay cool in the Florida summer heat with High Quality Heating and Air! We’re a trusted Tallahassee air conditioning company offering repair, maintenance, replacement and installation services. We provide split, packaged and ductless systems, and our work is backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Importance of Proper Design

Some items you purchase for your home are easy. You know, like a fridge. All you do is research, purchase and plug it in. Not a big deal. Heating and air is not that simple. Designing a system to meet the specific needs of a home, and then performing an installation that meets factory specifications for equipment is no easy task. Without a proper design and install, your system will not be as efficient or reliable as it is supposed to be. We do Tallahassee air conditioning installations the right way, every time. Every detail of an install is handled with utmost attention. We make sure your investment delivers!

Fast, Quality AC Repair

Some homeowners are nervous about a tech coming to their home, and rightly so! Diagnosing heating and air problems is tricky, and often a technician will make the wrong call, which means the homeowner is spending money they didn’t need to spend. We have the experience that’s needed to properly troubleshoot so that you’re only paying for repairs that are needed. We’re a Tallahassee air conditioning company you can trust for AC repair work done right.

“I don’t know a whole lot about heating or AC systems, but in 2007 I decided to call High Quality to repair my unit. I was considering replacement of my unit but it was not needed at the time. I felt comfortable with my service because there was no high pressure sales pitch. Over the past year I have noticed that my power usage was going up and my unit was not cooling or heating as well as it had in the past. I called them back out to give me a price to change out the unit and when they gave me the price it was very reasonable. I had the new unit installed and have recently noticed that my power usage is not nearly as high as it had been AND my house now cools and heats better. I just want to let everybody know you will be in good hands with High Quality Heating and Air. They definitely do high quality work.” — Delbert Cruit

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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

It doesn’t matter if you have a split, packaged or ductless installation, one thing remains the same: The need for AC maintenance. A seasonal tune-up will help keep your equipment running efficiently and reliably. Without maintenance, your heating and air equipment will begin to work longer or harder to keep up with heating and cooling demands. This means higher utility bills and shortened system life. High Quality is here to help you protect your investment and comfort! We service all makes and models of gas and electric based systems.

Built to Withstand Anything

Built to Withstand Anything

So should you really let an elephant stand on your air conditioner? No. But Trane likes to show just how tough their equipment is. Now first of all, as we said above, the design and installation of your heating and air system is paramount to efficient, reliable comfort. It trumps even the equipment. However, that doesn’t mean you skimp out on the foundation of your home comfort! We build our solutions on equipment from manufacturers like Trane, Mitsubishi and Honeywell. Basically, equipment that will stand the test of time and meet our high demands for home comfort systems. Avoid the need for AC repair or inefficient operation due to a poor installation by calling us today!

Tallahassee Air Conditioning
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