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The quality of the air your family breathes is a pretty big deal. And though this is shocking to many homeowners, many of the things you use in your home every day are also polluting your air. What? Yeah, it’s crazy but true. For example, most beds manufactured since 2007 are packed with chemicals that release into the air. These chemicals are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

VOCs are also found in household cleaners, air fresheners (including Febreze), candles, paints, carpets, detergents… the list is long. So what’s the answer to this indoor pollution? Well, moving to 100% organic beds, carpets, candles and cleaning products is a great idea, but that also costs a lot of money. Something else you can do (even in addition to an organic move) is install a high-quality whole house air cleaner.

Whole house air cleaners can not only capture VOCs, but allergens, viruses, mold and bacteria (not kidding). We install the tried and true Trane CleanEffects™ air cleaner that can even kill the flu virus! Call us today to learn more about better air quality for your home. We’re a Tallahassee air conditioning company known for quality services and solutions.

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