Are Odd Noises Coming from Your Heating System?

Is your heating system making weird sounds in Newport, FL? All heating systems make noises that are part of normal operation. Most of the time, these sounds aren’t anything to worry about. Yet, when you hear odd noises coming from the central heating system, we know the situation can be alarming. Below is a brief overview of what some of the most common heating system sounds mean.


Are you hearing tapping sounds when your heating system runs? Did you recently have heating system repairs and a new part installed? The part might have been installed incorrectly. Call a heating and cooling professional to check the part and make the necessary adjustments.

Limescale buildup also causes tapping, which often creates problems in Tallahassee homes with hard water. Power flushing done by a qualified HVAC technician is the best solution for this problem.


The central heating system’s temperature causes its pipes to expand and contract. Poorly fitted pipes don’t handle the expansion and contraction well and cause loud, banging sounds. Households with pipes installed closer to the floorboards are more likely to hear this banging.


Boilers produce noise when operating normally. When the humming gets louder, this is a sign there’s something more serious at play with the boiler system’s heating elements. At this point, the best thing to do is to call qualified service technicians in Tallahassee for professional heating system repairs.


Air buildup in radiators causes gurgling noises. Radiator bleeding done by qualified service technicians is a quick way to stop the gurgling. Have a technician inspect the radiator to determine if bleeding is the appropriate action. Sometimes the radiator’s heating function is affected by a more severe problem that bleeding won’t fix. The technician will inspect the radiator completely and suggest the best heating system repairs.

These are a few of the many noises a home heating system can make. At High Quality Heating and Air, Inc., we strive to put our customers’ worries at ease. If your home is experiencing heating problems, call us to learn more about our heating repair services.

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