If you’re dissatisfied with your existing air conditioning installation in your Tallahassee, or Woodville FL, home, consider this: a mini-split system might do a better job of cooling you off, and your costs could be lower too. Ductless air conditioning has a lot to offer Tallahassee homeowners. Here are four standout features:

1. Adaptability

Ductless AC fits in anywhere. It can cool a single room or a whole house. Mini-splits are ideal for garage apartment remodels, overly hot sunrooms or upstairs bedrooms that forced air cooling never seems to reach. Alternatively, you can cool the entire house with multi-split zones, each of which can be set to maintain its own ideal temperature.

2. Ease of Installation

One outdoor unit can cool multiple rooms or zones. Each zone has an indoor unit that requires only a three-inch hole to accommodate tubing that connects it to the outdoor unit. Mini-split air conditioning installation can be accomplished in one day with minimal fuss.

3. Economy

In forced air systems, cooled air travels through ductwork, where it can escape through leaks along the way. Mini-split air conditioning delivers cooled air from the outdoor unit directly into a zone. Nothing is wasted, and your electric bills will reflect the savings. You can turn up the chill factor in the rooms you’re using and keep cooling costs minimal everywhere else.

4. Efficiency

Ductless air conditioning subscribes to ENERGY STAR guidelines, so it far exceeds the minimum energy efficiency requirements established by the U. S. government. Higher efficiency translates into lower costs.

To learn how energy-efficient cooling with a ductless system will give you even greater humidity control and cleaner indoor air, visit High Quality Heating and Air Inc As a Tallahassee heating and cooling contractor, we install flexible ductless mini-split systems that help keep you cooler but cost you less.

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