Do you have a home, office or other living space that doesn’t have ducting installed? How do you stay comfortable during the summer heat, or chilly North Florida winter days? If you’re using noisy window or floor units to keep an area cozy, we’ve got some GREAT news for you! A ductless mini-split system can deliver quiet, efficient comfort without the need for ductwork.

How Does Ductless Work?

If you look at the image below, you’ll see an indoor unit mounted on the wall, and an outdoor unit sitting adjacent to it. This is a ductless mini-split model. An air conditioner or heat pump sits outside, and power the small, ductless air handler. The air handlers we offer are whisper quiet, and are controlled by a convenient wireless remote. They feature Mitsubishi i-See technology which does a great job at ascertaining the true temperature of a room.


What If I Have More Than One Room?

A common question regarding a ductless mini-split installation often pertains to multiple rooms. The good news is that a single outdoor unit can in fact power multiple indoor units. This means you can have room by room control, all without the need for ducting! Some homeowners of larger homes even using ductless systems to zone off an area of the home that is used more often, as opposed to running their main system more than they need to.

Mitsubishi Quality

Why do we recommend Mitsubishi ductless systems to our customers? Because of their quality. If you research ductless system, you’ll see there are many playing in this arena. LG, Toshiba, Fujitsu and Daikan to name a few. However, out of all the manufacturers, Mitsubishi owns about 40% of the ductless market due to quality, warranty coverage, efficiency ratings and cutting edge technology such as H2i which allows a ductless heat pump to heat at much colder temperatures.

If you’re interested in a ductless mini-split system, call us at (850) 307-5356. With High Quality Heating and Air Conditioning, your time and money are invested wisely, and the comfort of your home is protected!

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