In Need of a Reliable HVAC Contractor for Furnace Maintenance? –

Whether you love cool winter weather or don’t care for it, cooler temperatures will soon be on the way to Tallahassee, FL. Now is the right time to make sure your home’s furnace is ready for that first cold spell. While you may be able to change the furnace filter yourself, nearly all other furnace maintenance tasks are best left to professionals. If you’re in need of expert heating services, here’s what a reliable HVAC contractor can do for you.

Comprehensive Inspection

A key part of furnace maintenance is a comprehensive inspection. A knowledgeable HVAC technician checks every part of your furnace, ducts, thermostat, and flue for potential safety issues. The technicians check mechanical parts for signs of excessive wear and tear. Worn parts may fail without warning during the peak of the winter season. They also look for damage to furnace components. This intensive inspection helps ensure your safety and reduces the risk of a surprise furnace breakdown later in the winter season.

Thorough Cleaning

A well-maintained furnace is 95% less likely to break down, explains the Indoor Air Quality Association. Cleaning the furnace is an important part of maintaining it. Our technicians replace dirty filters, clean the ignition and burners and remove soot and ash from the combustion chamber. Clean furnaces burn gas more efficiently, so you’ll benefit from lower wintertime heating costs.

Improve Safety

The combustion process requires an intact ventilation system. Reliable HVAC contractors test the furnace for carbon monoxide leaks, flue obstructions, cracked heat exchangers and other issues. The furnace maintenance visit also includes checking the pilot and ignition, airflow, gas supply valve, and sensors that control the flame’s intensity. Scheduling a furnace tune-up with experts in heating services prevents emergencies, such as carbon monoxide leaks from improper combustion and insufficient ventilation.

For more tips on choosing a reliable technician for expert heating services, take a look at High Quality Heating and Air, Inc.’s furnace maintenance services, or contact us today.

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