If you want greater comfort at a lower cost, HVAC maintenance is your friend. You’ll also enjoy improved reliability and fewer repairs. In Tallahassee, we depend on air conditioning, so maintenance is especially important. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to save money all summer. For maximum returns, complete these low-cost tasks before the cooling season begins.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Take time to clean the area around your air conditioning compressor or packaged unit. Trim shrubs. Pull out weeds, and bag any debris that has collected near the system. Airflow is essential. Always leave two to three feet of clearance on each side. You can use a garden hose to gently clean the fins and to remove any particles that have collected on the surface.

Schedule a Tuneup

Scheduling a tuneup is the best way to care for your A/C unit. You’ll be rewarded with lower electric bills and fewer repairs. Your High Quality Heating and Air technician will inspect each part of the system and make any necessary adjustments. Preventive maintenance significantly lowers the cost of ownership and delivers an excellent return on investment.

Replace the Air Filter

Don’t overlook the simple task of changing your air filter. These disposable products protect your HVAC system from debris and clean the air in your home. A minute of maintenance will help you avoid service calls and a number of major problems that are caused by restricted airflow. Dirty air filters increase your energy use and make your A/C system work harder. Write the installation date on the edge of the frame. Inspect the filter monthly, and replace it as needed.

Preparing your air conditioning system for the summer pays off with increased reliability, fewer repairs, and lower energy bills. For more money-saving tips or to schedule a spring tuneup in the Tallahassee, Newport, or Woodville, FL area, call High Quality Heating and Air.

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