Representing a significant advancement in HVAC technology, variable-speed heat pumps take indoor climate control to a whole new level of comfort. Learn how these highly efficient cooling and heating systems conserve energy and save you money all year round in Woodville, FL.

A Breakthrough Technology

Until the introduction of variable-speed controls, most HVAC systems had only two operational settings: on and off. They run until the indoor temperature matches the setting on your thermostat, and then turn off again. Unfortunately, this often results in uncomfortable swings in temperature and airflow. Variable-speed heat pumps eliminate this problem. Special controls on the blower motor allow the fan to shift speeds, delivering air at different velocities according to your comfort requirements.

Energy-Saving Benefits

Variable-speed heat pumps save you money by operating at a low speed around 80 percent of the time. Keeping the air moving also allows the equipment to conserve large amounts of energy as demands for heating or cooling increase. The fan operates only at the level necessary to maintain constant comfort. Sensors embedded into the blower motor determine your comfort needs and adjust airflow velocity accordingly. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and add up your energy savings.

Enhanced Comfort

Providing you with a consistent flow of cool or warm air, variable-speed heat pumps maintain comfortable temperatures 24 hours a day. Compared to conventional heat pumps, they can also extract twice as much moisture from the air. That makes variable-speed heat pumps great choice in Northwest Florida where humidity levels can skyrocket. Since the system runs on a low fan speed most of the time, you’ll also enjoy a quieter indoor environment.

Are you interested in learning more about variable-speed technology? Check out some of our energy-stingy heat pumps. We’re readily available to help you select the ideal model. For a professional installation, call the experts at High Quality Heating & Air, Inc.

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