Why We Install Trane Products

Choosing to represent an HVAC manufacturer as a factory-authorized dealer is an important decision. At High Quality Heating and Air, we want our customers to receive premium products and services. That’s is why we only install Trane equipment for residential and commercial customers in the Tallahassee, FL area. Here’s why our contractors and our customers prefer Trane.

HVAC Equipment Quality

Trane is known for its high-quality products, many of which are manufactured in North America. Each HVAC unit features rugged, well-engineered components down to the powder-coated housing, weather-resistant fasteners, and rust-proof aluminum coil fins.

Energy Efficiency

Trane products have industry-leading efficiency ratings. Their heat pumps have seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) ratings up to 20 and heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) ratings as high as 10. The brand’s ductless HVAC products are even more efficient. Additionally, Trane offers numerous furnaces with efficiencies above 96 percent as well as smart thermostats that will increase your comfort and boost your energy savings.

Product Selection

The industry-leading brand offers something for every homeowner regardless of their budget or heating and cooling needs. Trane’s product line includes systems at all price points. The products range from entry-level heat pumps that meet minimum efficiency requirements to top-of-the-line models equipped with multistage compressors and variable-speed fans.

Award-Winning Products

Trane manufactures a wide selection of award-winning products. In 2010, the company’s original Wi-Fi ComfortLink thermostat received a best product award from Popular Mechanics. For four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018, Trane was named America’s Most Trusted HVAC brand based on consumer responses collected by Lifestory Research.

If you’d like to learn more about our products, you can view our catalog of Trane HVAC equipment online. You’re also welcome to call our office at 850-307-5356.

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