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Research shows that, on average, Americans spend about 90 percent of their time in an indoor environment and that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. This combination poses a potentially serious health risk to Tallahassee, FL residents. The good news is that it’s a risk that you can do something about.

What Causes Indoor Air Problems?

The primary cause of poor IAQ are sources that release particles or gasses into the air. Some pollution sources, such as cleaning products, are intermittent; others, such as air fresheners and furniture, release pollutants continuously. One source of indoor air pollution may not be cause for alarm; unfortunately, most homes have multiple sources of contaminants:

  • Household products — cleaning, personal care, air fresheners
  • Building materials and furnishings — damp carpet, wood-pressed cabinetry and wet insulation
  • Outside sources — outdoor pollution, pesticides, radon
  • Your HVAC and humidification system
  • Combustion sources — gas, oil, kerosene, wood, coal and tobacco products
  • Biological sources — pet dander, pollen, molds and dust mites
High Quality Heating and Air Inc - What Causes Indoor Air Problems

Health Effects of Poor IAQ

The health effects of poor indoor air quality depend on the pollutant, length of time exposed and level of exposure. Immediate signs of poor IAQ include sneezing, runny eyes and nose, lethargy and shortness of breath. Short-term effects include asthma, pneumonia, infectious diseases transmitted through the air and sinus infection. Cancer, heart disease, and chronic lung disease are among the long-term effects stemming from contaminated indoor air.

High Quality Heating and Air Inc: Your Partner in Clean Air

Our service technicians at High Quality Heating and Air Inc know the dangers of poor indoor air, which is why we’re committed to providing healthy, cost-effective solutions to Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Woodville, Bradfordville, Centerville, Capitola, Monticello, Homestead Ridge, and Southwood, FL and the surrounding area residents. We carry a selection of air quality products that will freshen the air in your home or business:

• Air purifiers • Dehumidifiers • Ultraviolet lamps • Ventilation systems

High Quality Heating and Air Inc - Your Partner in Clean Air

Before we can determine whether you simply need an air purifier or whether one of our other air quality products best fits your needs, it’s important for us to evaluate the indoor air quality in your home or workplace. Our service technicians have the training to identify the air quality problems’ underlying symptoms such as window condensation, lingering odors, and stuffy air. We can also help you protect your family, employees, and customers by making sure your heating and cooling equipment, including your air ducts, stays clean throughout the year and that your HVAC humidification system operates correctly.

At High Quality Heating and Air Inc, we want to make sure the air you’re breathing is healthy and clean. If you suspect you have poor indoor air quality in your home or business, give us a call today. We have the air quality products that will help you breathe easier, literally and figuratively.

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