Homeowners in Woodville, FL know that with summer often comes heat and humidity. An AC contractor’s goal is not to let these conditions seep into your home. If you start to feel the air inside your home isn’t moving as freely as it should, this might indicate your HVAC system is having airflow issues. Here are four ways to improve your indoor air circulation.

Check Vents and Registers

Even though it might seem like closing vents and registers in unused rooms will help you avoid energy waste, doing so can cause the opposite effect. Closed vents lead to interrupted airflow. As a result, your HVAC system will have to work harder to cool the rest of your home efficiently. Improve air circulation for your HVAC by checking vents and registers in every room to ensure they are open and clear of obstructions.

Change or Clean Your Air Filters

Air filters work by trapping dust and other airborne contaminants to prevent them from entering your home while your HVAC system circulates conditioned air. With time, your air filters can become clogged. If you fail to change or clean your filter before this happens, it can result in airflow issues with your HVAC system. We recommend checking your filters every 30 days or so and changing them when necessary.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great tool to keep you and your family members comfortable. As an added bonus, they also help to improve indoor airflow. During summer, have your ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise. This will make you feel cooler and help your HVAC system with proper air circulation.

Schedule Expert HVAC Services

If the air inside your home feels stale, you see an uncommon increase in your energy bills, or your air conditioner isn’t cooling efficiently, then your HVAC system might be having airflow issues. Schedule expert HVAC services to identify the problem and restore comfort to your home.

For help with your home’s cooling system this summer, learn more about High Quality Heating and Air, Inc.’s air conditioning services or call us today.

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