We all know what pollution is, and how it’s bad for our bodies. What many of us don’t know is how polluted our very own homes can be. Why? Many every day items like household cleaners and air fresheners from major companies are releasing poisons into the air inside your home. These poisons become trapped inside when windows and doors are shut during a hot Tallahassee summer.

And it’s not just cleaners. Carpets, beds, paints, wood finishing products, candles and even air fresheners (yes, Febreze included) could be poisoning your family. Here is one of many write ups on the subject: Toxins in the home.


Take this quote from the above article referenced:

“Febreze, a Procter and Gamble product, offers its Scented Reed Diffuser, Soy Blend Candle and premium Room Spray, promoting its Febreze Home Collection as ” more than décor. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Well, no. It isn’t. Not unless your normal breathing air is a toxic soup of chemicals: petroleum distillates (what we’re not supposed to breathe in when filling our gas tanks), terpenes, aldehydes, ketones, toluene, styrene, alcohol, and the list goes on and on. Happily for the manufacturers, less happily for humans and their pets, that list of toxic ingredients is not required to be posted on the product labels.”

What’s The Answer?

Using less toxic items in the home is obviously a great place to start, but this is harder than it seems. Another solution consists of indoor air quality products that integrate into your existing heating and cooling system. Ventilators, UV lamps and whole air cleaners go a long way in creating a healthier environment for your family.

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