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Every time your air conditioning system removes heat out of the air, it extracts water vapor. The purpose of the condensate line is to safely drain that moisture outside of your home, helping homeowners in Tallahassee, Florida, stay cool and comfortable. If the line isn’t checked regularly and clogs, it can lead to the following problems.

A Clogged Line Can Freeze Your Air Conditioning System

A clogged line will trap water in your AC system, which the evaporator coil will eventually turn to ice. What’s more, the moisture inside the drain line can also freeze. While your air conditioner will turn off at some point because of this, it’s likely that the unit will suffer damage before that occurs. That’s why it’s important to check the line frequently to make sure it’s dripping water.

A Clogged Line Can Cause the Drain Pan to Overflow

You can find the condensate drain pan underneath your air conditioner’s evaporator coil. After your AC system extracts moisture from the air, it’s deposited into the pan before it drains via the condensate line. When the line clogs, the drain pan overflows with that excess moisture and encourages microbial growth. If you breathe air that has passed over a contaminated condensate pan, you might experience headaches, sinus infections and respiratory problems.

A Clogged Line Can Lead to Other Damage in Your Home

As mentioned, a clogged line can damage your air conditioner, but that isn’t the only thing it can destroy. If you don’t check the line regularly and it leads to an overflowing drain pan, it can damage drywall and flooring, and possibly cause ceiling leaks. To prevent a clogged line, pour a cup of bleach into the opening of the drain line near the air conditioning unit to kill any algae or mold that has started to grow throughout it.

Another way to prevent your condensate line from clogging is to invest in preventative AC maintenance. For more information about how it helps homeowners avoid costly HVAC repairs, or if you’d like to schedule a professional tuneup today, check out our maintenance page or contact High Quality Heating & Air, Inc. at (850) 307-5356.

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