More than 40% of your energy bill is likely a reflection of your heating system. Improving the efficiency of your system is as simple as committing to routine maintenance and changing your filter regularly. That will help you extend the life of your furnace as well, but there comes a time when every property owner must explore the option of upgrading to more energy-efficient heating options. Even with our mild winters here in the Tallahassee area, these heating alternatives are money-saving investments.

Two-Stage Furnaces

A two-stage furnace allows you to run your heating system on a low heat setting most of the winter. When extreme weather hits, you can switch to a higher heat setting that provides more warmth. Here in Florida, you will spend most of the winter on that lower setting, which requires less energy expenditure.

Heat Pumps

You can’t leave out the heat pump when discussing quality heating equipment for Tallahassee residents. Rather than generating heat like a furnace, a heat pump collects warm air from the outdoors and transports it indoors. During warm weather, it works in reverse by finding cool air outdoors and bringing it inside.

Ductless heat pumps take up less room in your home and allow you to heat and cool different zones of your home according to use. When you reduce heating in rooms or zones that aren’t used daily, you can limit your overall energy usage and maximize savings on your bill. That makes the ductless heat pump one of the most energy-efficient heating options available today.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to schedule your heat settings to ensure you aren’t overheating your house when no one is home. Running your system less during your away hours will result in less energy expenditure and lower energy bills.

For more information about energy-efficient heating, check out all of the heating services available from High Quality Heating & Air. You can also call us at (850) 307-5356 for prompt attention.

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