Is it costing you a small fortune to stay comfortable in the Tallahassee, FL, area? Effective climate control is a necessity, but the resulting energy bills shouldn’t wreck your budget. If you’re tired of excessive heating and cooling costs, a professional HVAC maintenance visit may be just what you need. Here are just a few ways regular maintenance can deliver improved energy efficiency.

Improved Airflow

For a central HVAC system, generating warm or cool air is only part of the equation. Your system also needs to efficiently distribute that air throughout your home. Unfortunately, airflow is often the first thing to suffer from a lack of maintenance. In fact, poor airflow can reduce efficiency by as much as 15 percent. During maintenance visits, technicians change air filters, clean and adjust blowers and conduct tests to ensure optimally efficient airflow.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Even with high-quality HVAC products from reliable brands, wear and tear is inevitable over time. Increased friction, dirt buildup, poorly adjusted components, and other issues combine to gradually sap your system’s performance. Your equipment is forced to work harder to achieve the same results, leading to significant waste and declining efficiency. Preventive maintenance helps alleviate these problems by ensuring all of your components are properly cleaned, repaired, lubricated and adjusted.

Better Humidity Control

Poorly maintained HVAC systems often struggle to maintain comfortable conditions, especially when it comes to humidity. For instance, a clogged drain channel can prevent your air conditioner from removing moisture from the air. In a humidity-prone area like Tallahassee, this often leads to energy waste by setting the thermostat lower to compensate. Proper maintenance ensures your unit controls humidity more effectively, allowing you to stay comfortable without using the AC excessively.

You shouldn’t have to dread opening up your utility bill every month. For more ways to achieve improved energy efficiency, check out High Quality Heating and Air’s HVAC maintenance services or call 850-307-5356 for all your heating and cooling needs.

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