Winters in northern Florida are usually rather mild but that doesn’t mean Tallahassee residents don’t need to worry about the influenza virus. In fact, health experts are expecting one of the worst flu seasons the area has seen in several years. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid getting sick like improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Your Home Needs to Breathe

Many homeowners take measures to seal their houses up tightly. While this is good for energy efficiency, it isn’t so good for the quality of your home’s air. Indoor air is generally far dirtier than the air outside and people spend much of their time in their homes.

Buildings need adequate ventilation in order to keep fresh air coming in while allowing dirty air to leave. Without such ventilation, airborne contaminants will accumulate and rise to unhealthy levels. Installing a ventilation system will create a healthy airflow and at the same time improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Stop Indoor Air Quality Problems Before they Start

Houses with high levels of humidity can create conditions that allow viruses, bacteria, and other microbes to fester. A home dehumidifier will help to rid your home’s air of excess moisture and significantly reduce this risk. If the humidity in your home is out of control, don’t wait to take control of the situation.

The jobs of air purifiers and ultraviolet lamps are essentially the same, only they use different methods. Purifiers use filters to trap particles floating in the air, while UV lamps simply kill viruses, bacteria, and other germs. These devices can certainly be helpful in cleaning your home’s air, but they work best in houses that are well ventilated.

If you’re concerned about the quality of air inside your home, the experts at High Quality Heating and Air, Inc. can help find the solution. Visit us online or call (850) 307-5356 today to speak with one of our helpful representatives.

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