You want the air in your Woodville, FL home at the highest level of quality for you and your family. However, if volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are commonly found inside your home start to off-gas, your family’s health is at risk. Let’s look at four sources of VOCs lurking in your home and ways to remove or avoid them.


Most paints contain toluene, and it is one of the most common sources of VOCs. Several paint manufacturers do make VOC-free paint, so try to use them if possible. Always air your home out after a fresh coat of paint, and when possible, paint any of your pieces of furniture or DIY home projects outside or in the garage.

New Carpets

Do you know that new-carpet smell? What you’re actually smelling is VOCs found in the adhesive and synthetic material of the carpet. When the smell is very strong, the carpet is emitting toxic substances that can contribute to health issues. Try and find carpets that don’t contain VOCs or use natural fiber throw rugs.

Clothes That Are Dry Cleaned

Dry cleaning uses lots of toxic ingredients to remove stains and dirt. The clothes hanging in your closet continue to emit VOCs into your home for some time. While you might not smell them, they are there. Try to buy clothes that don’t need dry cleaning.

Cleaning Products

Many house cleaning products, such as glass cleaners, laundry detergents, and dish soaps contain ethylene glycol that is a powerful source of VOCs. Breathing in the compound often causes irritation to the nose, throat, and respiratory tract. Natural cleaning products, as well as home-made ones that don’t contain VOCs, are a great alternative.

Have High Quality Heating and Air, Inc. install indoor air quality components such as an energy recovery ventilator or air cleaner to help remove the gases emitted from VOCs. Your home will smell nicer, and you’ll have healthier inside air. Give us a call today, at 850-307-5356, to schedule your installation appointment.

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