Use Ductless Multi-Splits to Create Zoning Within Your Home

With zoning, you can have custom indoor comfort in Newport, FL. Forget about traditional all-or-nothing climate control. Zoning gives you heat and AC only where and when you want it.

What Is Zoning?

Zoning lets you program different temperatures in different areas or rooms. You can reduce output in rooms you’re not using and increase output in areas you are using. The easiest way to zone your Tallahassee home is with a ductless multi-split installation.

One multi-split system can serve up to eight different zones in a typical one-family dwelling. Each zone is equipped with a separate thermostat. A wall-mounted indoor unit provides treated air directly to a zone straight from the outdoor compressor unit.

Advantages of Zoned Systems

Zoning offers homeowners greater comfort and lower costs. It’s less expensive to heat and cool a few rooms than it is to heat and cool a whole house.

Ductless multi-split installation is fast and easy. Your service technician will connect the outdoor condensing unit to the individual indoor units using small refrigerant lines. Indoor units can be mounted on walls, floors, or ceilings.

No energy is wasted on leaky ductwork. Ducts are notorious for leaks and gaps through which up to 30 percent of treated air makes a getaway. Ductless multi-splits don’t have ducts, so ductwork leaks are not a concern.

Advanced Inverter Technology

Most ductless multi-splits on the market today are equipped with inverter technology. This innovation gives multi-split systems the ability to maintain consistent indoor temperatures using longer and slower running times. The process delivers exceptional comfort using very little energy.

Some ductless zoned systems currently qualify for federal tax rebates. You might also be eligible for state, local, and utility company incentives.

Advanced HVAC equipment installation requires specialized expertise. To learn more, visit High Quality Heating and Air, Inc.

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