It’s easy to let HVAC maintenance fall by the wayside. After all, your heat pump is doing a great job. However, it will stop doing its job if you ignore it. Preventive maintenance studies indicate that up to 95 percent of Tallahassee heat pump repairs could be avoided with semi-annual tuneups. Tuneups also keep your HVAC operating efficiently, and that saves you money on energy bills every month. Here are three ways maintenance will save you money by preventing repairs down the road:

1. Keeps Warranties Valid

Imagine this: You invest in a high-efficiency system, and you skip one tuneup. One year later, the unit breaks down and requires extensive heat pump repairs. You present your warranty, but you’re told that it’s no longer valid because you failed to have the unit serviced as agreed. The money you saved on one tuneup was peanuts compared to the cost of repairs.

2. Keeps HVAC Equipment in High-performance Mode

Tallahassee cooling systems get very little downtime, and all that hard work takes a huge toll on heat pumps that aren’t serviced regularly. If something goes wrong and you’re without AC when the heat index is 110 degrees, your heat pump repair bill will make the cost of a maintenance visit seem like a steal.

3. Corrects Problems Before They Cause Breakdowns

During a tuneup, your technician will correct any issues. Worn belts and hoses get replaced, frayed wires get repaired, condensate lines get cleared, controls and components get tested and calibrated, systems get cleaned to remove dirty buildup and potential problems are nipped in the bud.

Why risk the high price of heat pump repair by skipping even one scheduled service call? Visit the Specials Page at High Quality Heating and Air, Inc., to get a discount on one of our Tallahassee HVAC services or call (850) 307-5356 to schedule heat pump preventive maintenance.

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